Ryan McGill releases statement on Charlotte and Leadership while serving the NC National Guard at his annual training

“Currently, I am away from home serving our NC National Guard in Annual Training in Fort Polk, LA. I am providing air assistance as a Blackhawk helicopter pilot to our Army National Guard troops in our preparations and training to keep our country, our citizens and our democracy safe.

This I do proudly and with honor, to ensure that democracy flourishes in our country. The freedom of speech and assembly, the right to vote and debate, and the protection of all of our citizens are ever-present for me every day.

I must say that the last week of events in local Charlotte politics are disappointing. As a candidate for Charlotte City Council At-Large I want to see our city have the best leaders possible. I want to emphatically say that I did not serve as a diver in the Navy, as a Helicopter pilot in the Marine Corps where I served three tours in Iraq, to come home to see our democracy be diminished for political expediency. I fought tyranny there, so we wouldn’t have to fight it here at home. I served and still serve to maintain our freedoms so that our citizens can have different ideologies and beliefs, but yet can still all be Americans.

An attack on our party structure is an attack on one of the foundations of our nation. We must be able to have spirited, tough discourse without destroying and excluding our fellow Americans with different beliefs and ideas. There is a distinction in taking a tough stand and enrolling your fellow citizens to stand beside you, versus a void of leadership that creates extreme gridlock and division where our citizens begin to treat each other as enemies. Those who don’t embrace that distinction are a danger to our democracy. I will work towards moving past the politics and distractions. My focus will continue to be on the real, glaring issues that affect our city: improved transportation, viable upward mobility, strengthening our education, and helping small businesses to thrive are among the priorities I seek to focus my attention on. My full platform and my stand can be found at

Let’s find solutions and not engage in distractions. There is no place for hate, intolerance or exclusion of any form in our democracy. The people of Charlotte deserve the best version of leadership our democracy can provide and I intend to provide that leadership.” – Ryan McGill

Molly Tarpey
Communications Director
Committee to Elect Ryan McGill