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A Booming City

Extraordinary growth presents many opportunities and also creates new challenges. Check out how we can navigate this effectively.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Nothing creates more value for our city than our citizens having jobs that pay a living wage. Jobs are the building blocks of our city.

Our Lifeblood

Our local small businesses are the engine that power our local economy. Learn how we can do more to help them thrive.

The American Dream

Too many Charlotteans lack access to the ladder of upward mobility. Let’s help them realize the opportunity to break this cycle.

Charlotte is a great city. Let’s make it even better. Our issues can be resolved and our opportunities can be realized.

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Our Issues

In the spirit of service, I am running to go to work for our citizens every day. We have complex issues that require dedication, determination, and devotion to our causes.
Take a look at them here.

Charlotte's Growth: We are Booming

Our city is growing at a rapid pace.

Last year over 15,000 people moved to Charlotte, bringing our beautiful city opportunities and challenges. We consistently rank as one of the fastest growing cities in the US. We all want a healthy, diverse, and dynamic city where our citizens, both newcomers and longtime residents, can live, thrive, and flourish together.

Well-planned growth will increase the quality of life for each segment of our population. Planning requires identification of our challenges, strategic thinking, and decisive execution.

I will apply common sense measures and management, use data wisely, engage our city’s population, listen to citizen concerns, and weigh all factors and viewpoints. Working with community members and other appointed representatives, I will help make Charlotte’s growth something everyone enjoys and benefits from.

In order to support our swiftly growing city, we must overhaul our infrastructure and invest in our roads & streetscapes. Charlotte must continue to improve and expand upon public transportation. Commutes into and through the city must be effective and timely. Our strategy will encourage safe bicycle commuting and foot traffic: I believe it’s necessary to look at transportation solutions for residents who prefer to rely on walking or biking. To be a city that fosters movement for all, we need to not plan our city’s growth only around vehicles. Our city must be readily accessible to all of our residents, both those who live in our urban center and our suburbs. We need smart solutions that relieve our town of unwanted and unnecessary traffic congestion.

If you like sitting in traffic, I’m not your guy.

Infrastructure is not limited to our roads and streetscapes. We must support our neighborhoods to ensure safe, beautiful, and inclusive communities. We can better incentivize affordable housing by always being mindful of our long-term residents. Great neighborhoods aren’t just about housing. We need to make zoning and planning decisions that allow for neighborhoods to be well-rounded in all aspects. Too many Charlotteans lack accessibility to healthy food options and grocery markets. All too often many of our citizens must travel longer distances to buy their groceries. City Council should prioritize zoning and planning decisions to ensure markets and services are easily accessible.

I am determined to see Charlotte continue to grow intelligently, prosper, and strengthen its position.

Energy Efficiency and Environmental Consciousness

Charlotte is an attractive city full of greenery and natural beauty. We pride ourselves on our great parks and greenspace, yet there is so much more we can accomplish together. We can build Charlotte into a Top 10 Green City. Doing so would save residents and businesses money, make us all healthier, and sustain the natural beauty that defines the city.

To create this reality, the City Council must continue to support expanding our light rail system and dedicated bike lanes. Charlotte needs to be a walkable city with access to public transit, faster commutes, and proximity to people and places creating healthier, happier, and more sustainable lifestyles. Data and research should inform City Council’s decisions about our City’s goal of constructing a healthy environment that promotes clean water, air, and streets.

We should support our developers and companies to encourage green building certification.  We should lead the way and work with our partners to advance green technology to cut costs for our residents. I will work with energy experts to make smart, data-driven decisions to the challenges that we face. Our greenspace, parks, and community gardens will be one of Charlotte’s greatest attractions.

We must protect our environment and make informed decisions that will promote a cleaner city for all of us.

Small Business Growth: Our Lifeblood

Small business owners and entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of our local economy, and we have to do everything we can do to support them.

The easier we make it for small businesses to open their doors and keep them open, the better off our city will be. That means eliminating unnecessary roadblocks, like counterproductive licensing requirements and complex permitting rules – we should be a resource and small business champion, not a hindrance. Anyone in Charlotte should be able to start a business if they’re willing to put in the work and be a responsible member of the community. The more these risk-takers succeed, the more our city triumphs.

One of the many things I love about Charlotte is the neighborhood shops, boutiques, and restaurants. The cool culture that has been created in these establishments is a unique treasure we all get to enjoy. I believe we need to make opportunities readily available to entrepreneurs who want to create these kinds of ventures in our communities.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Our residents deserve to be paid a living wage for their hard work, and I will stand for opportunities that will bring quality jobs to Charlotte and ALL of our residents.

We must continue to efficiently develop a vibrant city where companies want to relocate. Charlotte’s ability to attract global business is dependent on leadership. It is time for a fresh new perspective and a new type of leader who sees the possibilities and is willing to listen and work to attain this job growth.

We need to take steps to build a better working relationship with the NC General Assembly to bring good paying employment to Charlotte and end the cycle of watching businesses relocate or set up shop just south of the border in South Carolina.

The American Dream: Upward Mobility in Charlotte

The Opportunity Task Force report, Leading on Opportunity, has highlighted a sad reality in our city; many of our children who are born into poverty will remain impoverished throughout their lifetime. This is a reality we cannot accept. I stand for developing opportunities for our children to grow and succeed here in our hometown.

I will make it my priority to work with leaders in our community and businesses to ensure that upward mobility is a reality and not a myth. The time for talk has ended. We must take action to champion programs and organizations that are creating solutions, invite partnerships with our business leaders, and create opportunity for our under-served families.

I will work to gain Internet access for all residents in our city because the lack of connectivity is a contributor to the inability of a 21st-century citizen to succeed.

Superior Education

Charlotte must ensure that our children do not continue to fall behind.

I will make any effort to work with our educators and parents to ensure our children’s education is superior, no matter where they live in the city. Education must be one of our City’s top priorities, and I will stand for all children.

We cannot have a world-class city without an educated youth.  They become the workforce for our small businesses and the global companies that choose to make Charlotte home.  We need to have policies that stimulate better schools for our youth.  We also need to promote policies that foster access to our collegiate establishments and technical vocational institutes who are a vital part of our Charlotte education community.

Community Policing

Our citizens must feel safe and respected in our community and deserve to be treated fairly and with dignity.

We are in a tough time in our community. There is a strain on the relationship between our communities, community leaders, and CMPD. While I stand for our citizens to be treated fairly and with dignity, I also support our men and women in blue. Their job is difficult, requires sacrifice, and routinely places them in perilous danger.

We must dedicate ourselves to rebuilding the loss of respect and trust on all sides, using improved community engagement and continued education and training. In the current climate of division, we need to work hard to listen and respect each other and work together to rebuild these important relationships in our community.

Our police force should be of our community. We should provide CMPD officers with incentives to live in the City they police. I will work with the House Charlotte Program to increase housing awareness and spur interest in our police officers moving into the city limits.

Our communities need to know that their neighborhoods are safe. They also need to feel assured that the men and women patrolling the streets have the community’s best interests at heart. CMPD needs to make it a top priority to work with our neighborhood leaders and minority communities to develop and promote a healthy relationship with our officers.

Our citizens need to know that our officers are on their side in a spirit of unity. Moreover, we must create a space where our youth learn to respect and trust our law enforcement officials. There is no place in a great city for an adversarial relationship with the police or law enforcement in general.

We must have courageous leaders that will lead the dialogue to heal our community. I am ready to do just that.

Veteran Engagement

As a service member, veteran engagement is front and center in my life.

Disciplined is the most descriptive word that we could use to describe the men and women who have served our nation.

Veterans are an untapped and underutilized resource. Many of our veterans have undergone some of the most highly specialized, stress-filled, and intensive training ever developed. They are skilled team players dedicated to achievement who are used to working in diverse situations.

We will look for ways to support our vulnerable veterans with respect and develop initiatives that promote job cultivation and placement. By doing this work, we stand a far better chance of bringing veterans who have become homeless back as active members of our society.

We have a huge veteran population in Charlotte. We can use their amazing talents to benefit our community and their lives.

Equal Rights

All Citizens deserve to live in a city of equality.

I believe that our Founding Fathers had it right in the Declaration of Independence: ALL people, including all gender identities, race, creed, and sexuality, were treated the same. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” I stand for a community that should never feel that the law does not protect them.

Discrimination is wrong, period.

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