The Agenda guide to every race in the September primary election

Charlotte has four council members who are elected citywide. In the primary, this means that voters will be choosing four Democratic candidates. The Republican Party did not mount four candidates, so they won’t even appear on your ballot if you go that route.

Ryan McGill is an Iraq War veteran who served in the Navy, Marines and is currently in the Army National Guard. He also co-founded an organization for LGBT military veterans. McGill is a fresh face who has quickly made friends in the Charlotte political establishment despite not raising a ton of money. He was the one non-incumbent in this race to pick up the REBIC endorsement. Like Eiselt, McGill has drawn support from a wide variety of constituencies.

City Council at-large primaries are super hard, especially with four choices. Here are your most likely scenarios in voting.

If you like the Charlotte Democrat establishment, you’re voting Eiselt, Fallon, Mitchell, McGill.

If you’re wanting a more activist ticket, you’ve probably voting Winston, Eiselt, McGill, Ajmera.

If you want some change without going too crazy, you’re voting for Eiselt, McGill, Winston and Mitchell.

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